170,000 Muslims Celebrate on Moscow’s Streets



Police estimated that 170,000 Muslims filled streets in Moscow, as they celebrated Eid-al-Adha — a holiday commemorating the obedient willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his promised son and God’s provision of the substitutionary ram.

You can read more about it here: http://rt.com/news/russian-muslims-kurban-bairam-647/


2 responses to “170,000 Muslims Celebrate on Moscow’s Streets

  • E Smith

    I have an MBB Kyrgyz friend living and working in Russia. She will be visiting Moscow in February. Do you know of strong Kyrgyz believers there whom she might contact?

    • mnmrussia

      Hello E Smith,

      Thanks for dropping by our blog. We do know some wonderful Kyrgyz here that would be glad to meet her. I’ve forwarded your e-mail address to some friends and have asked them to get in touch with you.


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