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In the News . . . No New Mosque for Moscow’s Muslims


This is a great video (produced in April 2011) illustrating how many Muslims are in Moscow and the pressures they are facing. By 2050, Moscow is predicted to be predominantly Muslim. Moscow is already feeling the tensions between Russians fighting against change and the ever-growing Muslim population pushing for recognition of its needs.

In the link below, you can read the current status of Moscow’s Muslims’ request for a new mosque and the reaction:



In the News . . .

Moscow’s population has risen as high as 17 million now, thanks to┬ánew estimates of the numbers of migrant workers. As many as 5 million migrant workers may be in the capital.

Read the story here.

In the News

Some stories here in Moscow can be “stranger than fiction.”

Read the story here about an underground town of Uzbek migrants that police raided.

Pray for the millions of Muslims and Central Asian migrants daily seeking work in Moscow.

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