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How Moscow Ranks in the World

Moscow has some of the longest traffic jams in the world!

Metro newspaper in Moscow recently published an article with some interesting facts about Moscow. According to the article, Moscow:

. . . is the largest city in Europe. (Eleven-and-a-half million is the official statistic.)

. . .  is the most expensive city in Europe for foreigners. It is the 4th most expensive city in the world.

. . . residents spend the longest time in traffic jams. (Two-and-a-half  hours is the average traffic jam.)

. . . has the busiest subway in Europe (6.43 million passengers/day).

. . . has the largest number of billionaires in the world. The 79 richest are worth a combined $375 billion.

. . . has the largest concentration of police in the world (946 per 100,000).

. . . scored 70th place (out of 140 cities) for quality of life.

. . . ranked 201st out of 215 cities for sanitary and health conditions.


The article can be found here (in Russian).


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