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“Can you help me sell my kidney?”

Clinging to a thread of hope, Rahim called Tom late one night, “I need money. I’ve been kicked out of my apartment. I have nowhere to go. Can you help me sell my kidney? My friend sold his for $1000.”

Rahim is one of more than three million Muslims in Moscow, the majority of whom are Central Asian migrants in search of work, hoping for a better life and a future for their families. Rahim and his wife each work long hours making very little money, live in separate places and are lucky to see each other once a month.

taken from http://tajikam.com/forum/index.php?topic=3711.0 For many months, Tom had been visiting Rahim. Rahim had shown an interest in the truths of the Bible, and together they discussed verses in his little bread shop, pausing for customers. The night that Rahim called Tom in desperation, Tom called to try to find a place for him to sleep. Rahim went on the streets, selling bread and trying to make a living on the $6/week he earned. Still, his interest in the Scriptures continued.

One day Tom visited Rahim at the market. He noticed a new joy evident on Rahim’s face. “Who is Jesus Christ?” Tom asked Rahim. “He’s the Son of God, of course!” responded Rahim. With joy, Tom realized that Rahim had finally understood the Gospel and had believed. 

Today, Tom visits Rahim, bringing him cards with Scripture verses on it for him to read as he sells bread in the marketplace, giving quick words of truth and trying to strengthen him in his new faith. Finding time to meet with and disciple Central Asian believers is difficult; they often work all day, every day just to scrape out a living.

Pray for the millions of Muslims in Moscow, that they might be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they will hear and believe. Pray for Central Asian strong leaders among Central Asian believers here, who might be able to lead house churches in their heart languages. Pray for more workers to reach out to the millions of unreached, unnoticed and often unloved Muslims in Moscow.


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