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How Long Does it Take for a Muslim to Come to Christ?

Often we think that it takes years for a Muslim to hear and come to Christ, but this isn’t always the case. We are finding open hearts in Moscow more and more often, as this story of Kutman illustrates:

Two believing ladies first met Kutman, a Central Asian man, who was working at a bank in Moscow. Then they asked me to meet him. It was a little awkward as there was no context for us to get together, but the following week I had tea with this banker at a café. He warmed up after a little while.

Knowing that I might never see him again, I plunged into the Gospel. It was clear he had never heard it before. We read John 3, and I asked him, “How many types of people are there?”

“Two,” he replied, “forgiven and judged.”

Later I wished I had asked him the question, “Which one are you?,” but I think he understood it. We left, with the polite promise to see each other again. I was wondering if he really wanted to meet anymore. The very next day he called me and eagerly asked, “When can we get together?”

Pray for Kutman as he hears truth. Pray that he will understand his need for forgiveness and respond.

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