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I Might Have Avoided Her

Photo courtesy of Rulon Oboev

While at a food distribution for the homeless, I met a Kyrgyz man who asked for a film about Isa. I gave him that and some portions of Scripture. Shortly after that, we met a woman and gave her a Magdalena film. If I had known who she was, I probably would have avoided her . . .

She berated the homeless men for not working and took one aside, telling him she might have work for him. The Kyrgyz man looked toward the woman and advised, “You can’t trust ones like her.” His intuition was right on. I found out later that she was involved in human trafficking.

In His wisdom, God kept me ignorant and made sure she received an opportunity to hear truth. Pray that this woman will watch the film and be transformed from a woman who uses others to a woman who reaches out to serve others with His love.

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